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Job Offer Scams - Be Wary

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SEIU Bargaining Rally

As we continue this Bargaining cycle, I wanted to give you a brief update about what is on the table right now. The general idea around our proposals are to make sure that every worker—from the senior, “topped out” worker to the new hire - has economic security. Also the Governor has made several executive orders that will create a fair bargaining process:

Strengthening employee bargaining and training practices
“We’re proud of our highly qualified workforce and want to compensate them fairly. We also need to ensure we’re being thoughtful about the future costs of today’s agreements. To do that, the state needs to negotiate salaries and benefits as a comprehensive package against a legislatively approved salary pot. This practice has not been employed consistently in the past. It should be. In addition, we need to support state employees through a consistent statewide training program.” - Governor Kate Brown

Below are the current proposals that are on the table:

Issue Our Union Proposal Management’s Proposal to Us
Cost-of-living raises

July 1, 2017—2.5 to 4% based on consumer price index (CPI)

July 1, 2018—2.5 to 4% based on consumer price index (CPI) 

No cost living increase in either year of contract
Steps Steps in each year of the contract  Steps in each year of the contract
Longevity Reward employees who are have been at the top step of their salary range for at least 5 years, or who have been in continuous State service for 15 or more years, with an additional 4.5% longevity differential. None
Health Insurance Maintain current plan:
  • 1% premium share for lower-cost plans
  • 5% premium share for costlier plans
Establish 7% premium share for costlier plans
Salary Floor Minimum monthly salary of $2600/mo None

This week we also had presentations from various groups of workers who are proposing classification-specific increases (selective). We also made proposals to expand and clarify shift differentials. Business and Employment Specialist 1 and 2, along with various other Job Titles from various state agencies, have requested a Salary Range increase. This request was made along with presentations on data of changes to the job and recruitment/retention data.

As some of you may know, we are really early stages of bargaining so plenty more updates to come. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments
Austin Folnagy, 208-964-0712 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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