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iMatchSkills Becomes Hot Property for Community Management Firm

NWCommunity_191.jpgNorthwest Community Management Company used to place ads in the newspaper to recruit candidates - that is until Director of Managers David Hummel heard about iMatchSkills while listening to KEX News Radio. Now the whole company uses this award-winning recruitment tool because iMatchSkills saves them valuable time and advertising dollars.
"It takes me forever with the newspaper," says David. "I get stuff all over the scale."
David says he gets a lot of unqualified candidates that he has to sort through during first interviews. That can waste a lot of valuable staff time.

"With iMatchSkills, it's like they're ready for a second interview. It narrows the field for us. That saves me between eight and twenty hours in just interview time," David says.

Northwest Community Management assists planned communities and homeowner associations with the many details of maintaining a high level of livability. They manage over 30,000 homes in Oregon and Washington and customize maintenance programs and management procedures to meet the needs of the homeowner associations. Their goal is to nurture communities to fulfill their vision for the future.

The firm needs to attract skilled workers in occupations that include community managers, accounts payable/receivable clerks, billing clerks, receptionists, and others.
"Our office deals with over 260 different accounts," David explains. "If something happens and I need help, I've got to stop my world and hire someone."

iMatchSkills can be a hot property when hiring needs arise because it's an online recruiting tool that's available 24-7. Employers and job seekers alike can logon, set up their own accounts, and start connecting with each other without paying a fee. It's a service offered by WorkSource Oregon Employment Department and is funded through employer payroll taxes. With a little time to get set up, businesses can use iMatchSkills online themselves or get assistance from department staff.
All the resumes I've gotten are really good," says David. "Out of nine candidates, I've hired two of them - that's really good, worth it right there. I've got our other departments using the system."
What would David say to other companies about the iMatchSkills system?
It's been very, very positive. The staff was very helpful, and the applicants were exactly what I needed. Plus, the system is already paid for through employer taxes."
Find out how iMatchSkills can help you with recruiting needs by logging on here or contacting your nearest WorkSource Oregon Employment Department location.

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