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Recruiting Resources

Look below for a list of recruiting resources. Click on the headings for more information, or visit one of our WorkSource Oregon centers where we have knowledgable staff that can assist you and recommend relevant services for your business needs. Come see us today! WorkSource Oregon Center Locations

Recruiting Resources

iMatchSkills® - Online Recruiting Tool

Why spend hundreds of dollars on advertising when you can reach thousands of skilled workers at no additional cost?* Listing a job opening through WorkSource Oregon is like getting a pre-paid classified. Your job listing will appear in our premiere online recruiting tool, iMatchSkills, as well as the www.Employment.Oregon.gov website and through our WorkSource Oregon job listing Twitter feeds. People looking for work can access your listings 24/7 and apply directly to you by following your instructions. Interested in attracting workers nationwide to your Oregon business? We also offer the ability to have your job posting listed in America's Job Bank, the national jobs website.

WorkSource Oregon Recruiting Services

Sometimes you need extra attention to fill your job openings. WorkSource Oregon's specialized personnel  offer additional resources to make your recruitment successful. Account Representatives give you a single point of contact. They can tour your worksite to fully understand your job requirements, write your job listings, gather résumés, arrange appointments with qualified workers and offer space for interviews. A professional economist can also provide a full wage analysis for your business. You select the customized service options that will best serve your needs. Contact your local WorkSource Oregon center and ask to speak to one of our Business and Employment Representatives.

*Basic, Enhanced and Customized Services are funded through employer payroll taxes.

The Oregon NCRC

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a valuable, portable certificate that verifies three foundational skills: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information. The NCRC is used by thousands of employers, employees and job applicants as a uniform measure of key workplace skills. It helps job applicants stand out from the crowd, and assures employers that applicants have the foundational skills needed to be successful on the job.


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