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Unemployment Insurance and Tax Resources

Look below for a quick list of unemployment insurance and tax resources from the Oregon Employment Department. For more comprehensive information on unemployment insurance and unemployment insurance tax, make sure to contact the Oregon Employment Department or visit their website at  www.workinginoregon.org 

Unemployment Insurance Resources

Reporting Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Visit this Oregon Employment Department Web page for information on the department's unemployment insurance Investigations Unit. Learn how you can report suspected unemployment insurance fraud to ensure the integrity of the Unemployment Insurance system.

Forms and Unemployment Insurance Information for Employers

Visit this Oregon Employment Department Web page for resources and forms related to unemployment insurance. Find Notice of Claim Filed and Notice of Claim Determination forms (Form 220 and Form 197); information on receiving claim notices from other states; information on unemployment insurance disqualifications and penalties; hearings information; how to report job refusals and more.

Work Share Program Information

The Oregon Employment Department's Work Share Program provides employers with an alternative to laying off their work force. This program allows employers to keep skilled employees during slow times by reducing work hours. Eligible staff whose hours and wages are reduced receive a portion of their regular unemployment insurance benefits to compensate for the lost wages. Visit this page to learn more about the program's eligibility conditions, advantages and disadvantages, tax rate implications, frequently asked questions and Work Share Unit contact information.


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