File a Complaint

Do you have a complaint about: 

  • Employment services from the Oregon Employment Department, or a WorkSource Oregon Center? 
  • An employment-related law?
  • An employer or job which the Oregon Employment Department, or a WorkSource Oregon center referred you to? 
You can file a complaint if you believe your rights have been violated, you have not been paid wages due to you, your health and safety have been compromised or you are the victim of discrimination in the workplace. Your complaint must involve the actions or omissions of your employer, the Oregon Employment Department, a WorkSource Oregon Center, or as a result of participating in a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act-funded program.


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We can help you by:
  • Investigating complaints about specific employers, jobs or training programs to which you were referred by the Oregon Employment Department or a WorkSource Oregon center.
  • Investigating complaints about the delivery of programs and services by the Oregon Employment Department, or a WorkSource Oregon center.
  • Referring your complaint to the appropriate agency when the Oregon Employment Department is not authorized to handle it.
Visit the Oregon Employment Department website’s Equal Opportunity page, or the ES Complaint System page to see where and how to file, or contact your local WorkSource Oregon center.
For equal opportunity and discrimination complaints against an employer, please contact the Bureau of Labor and Industries and/or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

For wage, prevailing wage, or housing discrimination complaints, contact BOLI.

If you have a concern about an unemployment insurance issue, please follow the instructions on your determination letter, or contact Unemployment Insurance at 877-345-3484 or via the Contact Us online form.